Large Diameter Molded Elastomer Seal components???

Through a unique and patented “Continuous Molding” technique developed by our Supply Partner, Elastomer Seals can be developed for any diameters, without having to be worried about the strength, accuracy and reliability of Vulcanized joints. Having successfully supplied complicated sealing profile to an inner diameter of 4200mm, with a trapezoidal cross section of 60 x 50 x 40mm, that too with several critical radii & angles, Triada can be of assistance for developing and supplying any complicated profiles to meet your specific sealing requirements. The seals were used on a Main Inlet Valve ( MIV) in a Hydro Turbine application and thus there was no possibility even to have a flash line anywhere on its periphery, which made the whole tooling design more challenging and complex. The technique also calls for minimal tooling costs even for large diameters, when you are still able to get a fully molded component.

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