Triada has the expertise to support the entire Hydraulic Sealing requirements of Equipments used in Construction and Mining Sector. These Seals might be used in the Hydraulic Cylinders, Aggregates( like Pumps, Valves, Motors, Winches etc), Rotary/Swivel Joints, Tracks, Transmissions, Drives etc.

Additionally, Triada provides the Stabiliser Pads, Wear Pads and Guide Blades in Special Materials, which withstands high lateral loads and also has a high wear resistance. Apart from the Sealing Systems for the Hydraulic Elements/Aggregates, Mechanical Face Seals also finds application in a variety of Construction & Mining Equipments for the Idlers, Drives, Winches, Sprockets, Drums etc. Triada has the capability to suggest the right Seals for the Track Tensioner Cylinder, maintaining the right tension in the track.

Dumpers calls for sophisticated Sealing Systems for the Front & Rear Suspension Cylinders and also for the Underbody/Front end Telescopic Lift Cylinders. System includes high performance Bearing Bushes within the Suspension Cylinders. Sealing System can be also provided for the Tipping System on end to end basis. The High Load bearing Bushings for the Tipper is also a part of our package.

Sealing Systems for Water or Water Glycol media is available from Triada, especially for applications like Roof Support Cylinders in Mines and for Cylinders used in such fire hazardous applications.