Construction &
Off Highway

Ever increasing demands on the overall performance of all sort of Construction & Off-Highway Equipments with a cap on the size of these expecting a reasonable savings, strains the Manufacturers, especially the Designers. Triada offers wide possibilities thru its large product portfolio and one can rely on our Technical expertise- main driving force for a product innovation.


Dare to drift from the traditional sealing systems- several possibilities awaits – depending on the objectives. Be it to enhance the performance irrespective of other factors or reducing the cost without compromising the performance or maybe scaling down or scaling up of a successful product. Triada shall be a true partner in all your efforts from the Hydraulic & Pneumatic sealing perspective, needless to mention about our support in other fronts too.

Extending the Sealing life does not solely depend on the Sealing System or Sealing elements, but an orchestrated functioning of several parameters- Seals, Hardware, Media and of course the operation and maintenance of the System. Triada supports their Customers on all fronts, working with the Designers, Manufacturing team, Testing & Assembly personal, all the way to the end users- training and making aware of the entire chain on the Do’s and Don’ts of the Sealing Systems and related functions


Sealing Applications are not limited to Hydraulic Cylinders and Pumps/Motors, but extends also to Valves, Joysticks, Swivel Joints, Track Assemblies- Tensioners, Idlers, Links etc, Anti vibration mounts,  Rotary Pins, Lock Cylinders, Boom extensions, Engines, Transmissions, Axles as well as for any specific applications.

Triada’s product portfolio covers almost the entire requirements in this industry- Hydraulic Seals, O-Rings, Rotary Shaft Seals, Pin Seals, Mechanical Face Seals, Cassette Seals, Low friction Bushes & Pads, Bonded Seals, PTFE Rotary Seals, PTFE lipped Rotary Shaft Seals, V-Rings etc.

Partnering with Triada shall extend your possibilities of Product innovation beyond your expectations.



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