Power Generation & Distribution

With our wide range of Sealing Elements, Triada is capable of providing Sealing Solutions to Hydro Power, Nuclear Power, Wind Turbines or the Solar Energy.




Hydro Power

Our Extensive range of Sealing Elements, many of them Custom Designed seals and Bearings, helps the Designers to freeze their designs without much alterations or with botheration on Seal availability.

While our Standard range are always preferred to ensure an economically viable solution, these are mostly limited to various actuators, Guide vane controls etc. MIV’s, Turbine Bearings, Guide Vane Bearings, Inflatable Seals etc always need a Custom designed Seal, for which Triada is always there to rescue, supplying these totally Non-standard products, either to the drawing prints of our Customers or as designed by Triada. Have successfully delivered single molded seals upto a diameter of 4200mm in Elastomer and several Polyurethane parts upto a diameter of 3000mm. Also, available are O-Rings, where we have delivered them molded upto a diameter of 8000mm in NBR as well as FKM, for various applications.

Other seals include Rotary Shaft Seals, Bonded Seals, Special PTFE seals, Specially designed & developed V-Packings, Inflatable seals in custom profiles, V-Rings, Gamma Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Maintenance Seals, Gaskets etc.



Wind Turbines

Delivering Seals to many of the large Multinational Wind Turbine Manufacturers, Triada has proved its capabilities in this sector since inception.

Delivering large diameter Rotary Shaft Seals (in single and Cut version), V-Rings etc for the Gear Box, our seals finds its application in many of the turbines. Have the capability to deliver these shaft Seals upto a diameter of 3000mm and V-Rings upto any diameter.  Many of the turbines are safely braked (Yaw Brakes & Main Brakes) with our sealing systems. Do have the capability to deliver sealing systems for various applications like Pitch control Cylinders (low friction & high frequency), Accumulators, Main Gear, Locking Systems (Cylinder as well as pin bush), Main Bearing etc.

Also being delivered are the Bonded Seals with a high salt spray test life, Large O-Rings, various Extrusion profiles (with and without adhesive), Anti-Vibration Mounts etc.


Solar Power

In the field of Solar Power Customers can rely on us for the low friction  & high frequency seals for the Solar Tracking Cylinders, Bonded Seals and extruded profiles in various compounds.