Triada High end Sealing Systems are engineered for Solar Tracking Cylinders, Panel Gaskets etc. These Cylinder Sealing Systems shall ensure smooth movement of Cylinders without stick slip and also for very low speeds, without any effect from varying climatic conditions.

Switch gears uses SH6 gas (Sulphur Hexafluoride Gas) for spark arresting and the Seals are being provided for these applications with EPDM based Elastomer Seals as well as PTFE Seals with appropriate filling. Also available are the O-Rings, Gaskets, Profile Seals, Low Temperature Polyurethane Seals, Speciality PTFE (Carbon filled or Graphite filled) Seals ensuring low friction, smooth & fast response of the Actuators.

Sealing Systems are being provided for Main Shaft Bearings, Rotor Bearings, Main Gear Box, Slewing Ring, Yaw Cylinder, Brake Cylinder, Transmission, Gear Box, Swing Cylinder, Blade Angle Tilt Cylinder, Bushes, Sectors, Guide Vanes etc and also for the Intercepting Valves, Vane Control Cylinder, Dam Gate Cylinders, Gate Guide Bushes, Penstock Guides etc in HydroPower Project. The Seals that finds its usage in these Windmills include Large Dia Fabric Reinforced Rotary Shaft Seals, V Rings, Large Dia O-Rings, Profile Gaskets etc.