Farm Equipments

Triada can meet the Customer expectations with regards to Performance, Warranty and also most importantly the Cost, offering a complete Sealing Solution to the entire Agricultural Equipment.

Triada, utilising their global sourcing capabilities and also by partnering with some of the Best Seal Manufacturers across the world, are able to meet these expectations. The wide Product Portfolio includes O-Rings, Quad Rings, PTFE Seals, Polyurethane Seals, V Rings, Guide Bushings, Rotary Shaft Seals (including Cassette Seals, Combi Seals etc), Rolled Collars etc.

Triada successfully manages the Logistic network also tying up with reputed Logistic Providers in the country. The Logistic centre at our Bangalore HQ offers almost all Standard Seals on Ex-Stock Basis and also has the appropriate ystems in place to ensure flawless supplies to their Customers, as per their requirements and also able to support the Customers with any demand fluctuations.

Triada has developed the expertise in supporting their Customers for the Sealing Systems in Agricultural Tractors, Harvester Combines, Sugarcane Harvesters, Water Sprinklers, Seeding Machines, Rotary Cutters, Loaders etc. to list a few.



Sealing Solution
for Tractors

Increased Power, Versatility & Reliability, better Fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions, better Ergonomics,  “smart” farming capabilities-   Bank on the Technical capabilities and the wide product portfolio of Triada to meet these ever growing demands.


Sealing Systems for Engines, Transmission, Hydraulic Lift, Axles, Valves, Central Tyre Inflation System (CTIS), Brake Systems, Automatic Transmission, Steering Cylinder,  Implements- Rotavators, Sprinklers, Seeders, Fertilizer drills, Disc Harrows etc.

Sealing elements includes, but not limited to, O-Rings, Rotary Shaft Seals, Piston Seals, Cassette Seals, PTFE Seals, Lobe Rings, CTIS seals, Mechanical Face Seals, V-Rings, Gamma Seals, Square Rings, Bonded Seals, Hydraulic Seals & Wear Rings for Steering Cylinders and other Cylinders etc.

Featuring a range of conventional and non-conventional Rotary Shaft Seals, PTFE Seals and other several designs, laced with advanced Sealing materials,

Triada can help enhance the reliability & performance of the Equipments, while reducing maintenance and operating costs, with their standard or custom designed seals suiting exactly for the application, laces with advanced sealing materials. Proven Sealing systems with decades of experience.


Farm Equipments