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Backbone of any other Segments, a segment where only creativity,   innovation, consistency & performance assures you of the business. With increased precision, high speeds, long life, lower friction, high reliability, high Cp/Cpk values, output consistency etc being some of the critical requirements of the machines, it is a real challenge to select the right sealing system for each application in these machines, that too at a very competitive prices.


Triada’s wide product range along with their capabilities to design and deliver the most appropriate seal for any application helps Customers to deliver what their Customers are looking for. High  Speed Rotary Shaft Seals for surface speeds upto 98m/s, High temperature seals upto 900 Deg C, High Pressure Seals upto 2000bar, High Speed Linear Seals upto 15m/s, large Diameters upto 5000mm in PTFE and 3000mm in Polyurethane/Elastomer etc are well within the purview of our Sealing Systems.

Sealing elements includes, but not limited to, O-Rings, Rotary Shaft Seals, High Speed Rotary Shaft Seals(PTFE lipped and PTFE coated), PTFE Slipper Seals, Lobe Rings, V-Rings, Gamma Seals, Square Rings, Bonded Seals, Hydraulic Seals & Wear Rings etc.

Applications includes Linear Actuators, Rotary Joints, High Speed Spindles, Coolant & Lubrication Management, Linear Guideways, Hydraulic Pumps, Hydraulic Motors, Valves, Accumulators, Hydraulic Chucks, Quick change Couplings, Clamping Devices, Tool Changers, Rotary Heads, Rotary Tables etc.


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