Highly challenging field, for which Triada is fully equipped to serve their Customers. The Challenge can be of High Linear Speeds, Very Low Linear Speeds, High Frequency movements or High Speed Spindles etc.

Triada offers the most economical Sealing System ie the appropriate one for the application, by working closely with the Customers. Triada offers a complete solution for the Injection Molding Machines, Presses, CNC Machines, Shearing Machines, Packaging Machines, Food Processing Machines, Special Purpose Machines, Steel Mill and Cement Plant Machineries, Paper Mill Equipments etc.

The Range of products which finds its applications in the above machines include PTFE Seals, Rotary Shaft Seals, O-Rings, Spring Energised Seals, Large Diameter PTFE & Polyurethane Seals (Seals upto a Diameter of 2500mm available), Guide Bushes and Wear Pads, Custom Designed Seals, V Packings etc.