Aerospace & Defence

Sealing Systems are available for MIL grade applications, Jet Fuel, Skydrol etc for applications in Fighter Jets, Tanks, Helicopters, UAV’s, Make Shift Bridges etc. Applications include Brake Systems, Canopy Seals, Door & Window Seals, Seals for Flap & Slat Actuators, Rudder Actuator, Wheel Retraction Actuator, Boot Strap, Steering Actuator, Gas Springs for overhead Storage/Bins, Mast Seals for Rotors (Rotor Mast Seals) etc. Sealing Systems can also be designed against specific requirements and supplies are effected along with appropriate certifications. Our FFKM (Perfluoro Elastomer) Seals finds its applications in media of MMH (Mono Methyl Hydrazine) or N2O2 (Nitrogen Peroxide). FKM, EPDM & Silicone O-Rings/Gaskets etc are also available from Triada Range.

In Defense, Sealing Systems are available for the Recoil Cylinders, Steering Cylinders, Gun Positioning Cylinders, Dampers etc. Specific Sealing Proposals can be made based on the application, for which Triada has the right expertise and knowledge.