Sealing Systems for Oil Rigs, Petrochemical industry etc calls for highly reliable Sealing Systems, to withstand every adverse situation. Sealing Systems are available for:

  • Extraction Machines & Plants
  • Onshore Gas Production & Processing Facilities
  • Pumps & Compressor Stations
  • LNG Re-Gasification Systems etc
    The Equipments that Triada can support with includes various types of Valves (FC Valves, Ball Valves, Cryogenic Valves, Submarine Valves, Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves Etc.). The wide range of Products which includes, Spring Energised Seals, O-Rings for Explosive Gas Decompression, Lip Seals for Cryogenic Applications, Special Metal Gaskets, Rotary Shaft Seals, Flat Gaskets, Graphite Seals in high purity (>99%), Packings and Braided Packings etc.