Trucks & Tippers

Applications in Trucks includes Tipping Systems (Underbody, Side Tipping as well as Front End Telescopic Cylinders), Tail Gate Cylinders, Steering Cylinders, Cabin Tilt Cylinders, Transmissions, Axles, Loader Cranes etc.


Having delivered seals upto 5 stage Telescopic Cylinders, Triada has the complete range of Sealing systems for Telescopic cylinders which includes Rod Seals, Wiper Seals and various profiles of Wear Rings, that too in various materials. Compact and proven sealing systems for Cabin Tilt Cylinder Systems (Cylinder + the associate Hydraulic Systems including Valves) helps our Customers to rely on us for the reliability and versatility of their products.

Custom Designed Seals are also provided meeting the Customer’s specific friction force requirements. Sealing Systems for Automatic Transmission as well as Cassette Seals for Axles are within the capabilities of Triada.