Sealing Systems are available for a wide range of applications ranging from Power Steering Systems, Drive Trains, Transmission, Axles, Brake Systems, Engine Management, Fuel Management, Air Conditioning, etc. The expansive range of products, which includes O-Rings, Gaskets, Valve Stem Seals, Crankshaft Seals, Cam Shaft Seals, Strut Seals, Shock Absorber Seals, Rotary Shaft Seals, PTFE Seals, Bonded Seals etc, help the Customers have Triada as a one stop sourcing location. PTFE lipped Rotary Shaft Seals are available for high speed applications, which are primarily used in the Crankshaft Sealing as well as in Compressors for Air-Conditioning. Precision O-Rings in various compounds like FKM, NBR, EPDM, HNBR, Silicon etc are available for different media. Speciality Gaskets and Diaphragms are also made as per the Customer specifications.

Sealing Systems for Cabin Tilt Cylinders which offers very low friction and zero leakage System can be proposed by Triada. It also includes the Seals for the Cabin Tilt Valves and Pumps.

Gas Spring Seals for Bonnets, Rear Window, Trunk/Boot are also available from Triada stable.

Power Steering Seals, which includes O-Rings, PTFE Seals, Rotary Shaft Seals etc can be made available as per the Customer specs or can be proposed by the Application Engineering team at Triada.