Fluid Power

Hydraulic Aggregates- the Powerhouse in almost all Hydraulic Machines calls for a reliable Sealing System with a long life and consistent performance throughout its life.


Be it the Actuators (Linear, Oscillatory as well as Rotary), Pumps, Motors, Valves, Accumulators, Intensifiers- Triada has the entire range of Sealing Elements to address any application. High  Speed Rotary Shaft Seals for surface speeds upto 98m/s, High temperature seals upto 900 Deg C, High Pressure Seals upto 2000bar, High Speed Linear Seals upto 15m/s, large Diameters upto 5000mm in PTFE and 3000mm in Polyurethane/Elastomer, High Pressure Rotary Seals upto 350bar etc are well within the purview of our Sealing Systems.

With a reasonable range of Seals for Telescopic Cylinders we can address many of the sizes, but we can also develop Seals for any specific sizes on request. Seals for Rotary Joints with multiple ports can be delivered to any size and also to specific friction requirements as have been done in special cases.


In partnership with our Customers, we have also developed various Sealing elements, suiting to their specific requirements as regards to limitations on friction, size, pressure holding capability, temperature resistance, media compatibility etc