Tech support

A 360° support is vital in the Hydraulic Sealing application as the perfect functioning of a sealing system is entangled with several factors- not just the selection of the seals. These includes a thorough knowledge of the media, Hardware, Machining, Heat treatment, Surface finishing processes, actual application of end product, usage of the end product etc to list a few.

Triada is not a seal source alone, but works with their Customers in a detailed manner understanding their requirements, concerns, expectations, positioning of the product etc. and guides them throughout their product development so as to launch the most perfect product as possible. Knowledge of Triada Application Engineers in the above said various critical aspects helps our Customers to completely rely on us.


Triada believes in working as a true partner with their Customers and not just to be a seal supplier as the seal selection as such is a rather simple process in the whole gamut of sealing system design.