Telangana, India


Largest multi-stage multi purpose Lift irrigation project in the world: Triada is proud to contribute to this project supplying several fabric reinforced non-metallic Bushes, Pads, Guides along with Polytetrafluoroethylene sheets with very tight tolerances on thickness & width, several hydraulic seals including PTFE and PU based large diameter seals and also other custom designed seals. Triada has already supplied non-metallic bushes and allied products as well as several custom designed seals upto 4200mm in diameter single molded/machined seals for almost 20 Hydro power projects within the country. Thanks to the vast experience of our supply partners in this segment for over 30 years, which helps us to offer proven designs delivery the exact performance requirements of our Customers. Current projects include machined Polyurethane seals upto a dia of 5500mm and molded seals upto a dia of 12000mm.

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