The WDT Wiper is a Double Lip Wiper Seal, composing of two elements. The dynamic seal is a ring in TRIALON® (compounded PTFE) while the static sealing is by two O-Rings in TRIAFLEX®, also acting as an energizer. The presence of two O-Rings helps in balancing the Seal, particularly when the Wiper Seal is left to experience any spike pressures and also gives added grip on to the Rod surface. Assembling is bit easier compared to WDE & WDF type seals, due to the narrow cross section of the WDT type Seal. Depending on the application, media, cycle speed etc., the PTFE compound is selected and the O-Ring compound is selected considering the media compatibility, temperature etc. The lip at the outer edge avoids the dust particles entering into the system for axially moving rods, hence eliminates the damage for other seals and internal components.

Single Acting
Double Acting

Technical Details

  • Diameter Range

    Ø4.00 – Ø2700.00

  • Standard Material

    TRIALON® T415 (Bronze Filled PTFE) with Energiser in TRIAFLEX® T571 (NBR) (Other Compounds available,so as to suit the Application Conditions).

  • Temperature

    -30º C to 200º C (Based on Elastomer Material).

  • Speed

    ≤ 15.0 m/s

  • Fluids

    Hydraulic fl uids (Mineral Oil based ).