The V- Rings is an all elastomer axial seal for rotary shafts and bearings. It rotates with the shaft and seals axially against a stationary counter face perpendicular to the shaft. This type ofseal has been used widely for several applications and has proved to be reliable and eff ectiveagainst dust, dirt, water and oil splash and other media. The ring consists of three parts: a) The seal body, installed with interference to the shaft. b) The hinge, acting as a spring connection between the body and the lip. c) The conical and fl exible sealing lip which provides the actual dynamic sealing against the counter face. The counter face can be the side wall of the bearing, a washer or any housing

Single Acting
Double Acting

Technical Details

  • Diameter Range

    Ø110.00 – Ø1200.00 (Larger dia. on request)

  • Standard Material

    TRIAFLEX® NBR 60 Shores (Other Compounds available, so as to suit the Application Conditions).

  • Temperature

    -40º C to 200º C (Based on Elastomer Material).

  • Speed

    Upto 15 m/s depending on the type of elastomer with the standard TRIAFLEX® T576 (NBR 75 Shores) it Can go upto 10 m/s. When used with elastomer in TRIAFLEX® T676 (FKM 75 Shores) it can go upto 15 m/s.

  • Fluids

    Oil & Grease.