Mechanical Face Seals, also known as Heavy Duty Seals, Duo-Cone Seals or Toric Seals are of two types: one is SDO type which consists of two profi led metal rings along with two energizer O-Rings and the other is the SDM type, which also consists of two L-shaped metal rings along with a profi led diamond shaped energizer. The metal rings are assembled in the housings, which has a relative rotary motion between them. Sealing action is in between these metal rings, whose mating faces are ground and lapped. Only one half of the seal rotates, and the seal faces are kept in contact with a predetermined axial load with the help of these energizers. Mechanical Face seals, due to its robust construction and materials used, off ers a longer life, compared to other possibilities for the same applica- tion, which are tough to be sealed in normal course. These seals are thus mostly used in dirty or rough & adverse environments. The SDO type calls for a specially machined profi le even in the housing cavity, whereas the SDM fi ts into an easy to make square bore.

Single Acting
Double Acting

Technical Details

  • Diameter Range

    Ø22.00 – Ø1300.00

  • Standard Material

    Seal Material - Shell Mold Cast Iron Energiser - TRIAFLEX® T565 (NBR 65)

  • Temperature

    From - 40° C to + 100° C with peaks till +110° C, with elastomer in standard TRIAFLEX® T565 (NBR 65 Shores). (Can be extended to 200° C when used with elastomer in TRIAFLEX® T665 (FKM 65 Shores)).

  • Speed

    Upto 10 m/s with oil lubrication, Upto 3 m/s with grease lubrication, depending on material.

  • Fluids

    HyHydraulic fl uids (Mineral Oil based ), Water, Air etc, depending on Seal Compounds selected.

  • Pessure(Bar)

    Pressure loading up to max. 3 bar for shell mold Cast Iron.